Jacksonian Democracy Visit

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I visited the United States Supreme Court with 29 students of Ajou University and professors today. We left school at 1 pm. And we took the subway. The Supreme Court is located near the union station. After arriving at the Supreme Court, I admired the magnificence of the building. It was like a judge of dignified appearance. Within that, the narrator lectured on the Supreme Court. I tried to understand about the lecture. But It was difficult to understand. My courage and confidence dissolved. So I will have to write about what I learned. In the lecture of Dr. John Karaagac, He explained Political ideas. First, I learned about Jacksonian democracy. It is the political movement during the second party system by American politician Andrew Jackson and his supporters. Jacksonian democracy…show more content…
Second, I learned about wilsonian. Wilsonian used to describe a certain type of ideological perspectives on foreign policy. The term comes from the ideology of Woodrow Wilson. His famous Fourteen Points that would help create world peace. And third, Jeffersonian democracy is the set of political goals that were named after Thomas Jefferson. It dominated American politics in the 1800-1820s. It is contrasted with
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