Jackson's Bank Veto Analysis

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During the course of the early and mid-1800s, the United States of America went through a rapid transition of economic, social, and territorial changes. Immediate alterations to its political system continued to be a constant focus in development as well. Likewise, the early and mid-1800s was the same time period when the Market Revolution and the idea of westward expansion –also known as the Manifest Destiny– sparked an interest towards many working Americans. After a few decades of winning independence from British sovereignty, America already had its fair share of progress and of great leaders. But to be a leader who ideally understood the voices and needs of the so-called “common man” (The American Promise, 284) , a term that was coined…show more content…
In a sense, Jackson’s Bank Veto was another outlook of his distaste of how powerful the banks could be, as well as how harmful their approaches could be towards the public. This important document was one of the sources that explained the differences between how Jackson and Clay and how they viewed and handled matters. The Bank Veto was created in response to the thievery that Jackson believed was occurring with the bank system and the people affected by it. In his Bank Veto message, Jackson…show more content…
Unlike the previous leaders in America who mainly catered their messages and proposals towards the people of the thirteen colonies, Jackson and Clay knew how to win the votes and attention of the frontiersmen and farmers alike. Though struggling to move on from its unjust slaveholding lifestyle, the regions that the Southerners were based in were indeed accepting of modern ideas and innovations. As an outcome to all of that, the personalities and visions of Jackson and Clay contributed to the acknowledgment of the Southerners in America more
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