Jackson's Journey In The Journey Of Phoenix Jackson

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Journey of Phoenix Jackson In the story, ”A Worn Path,” a lesson is taught that when life gets hard and tries to stop you from doing what you need to or wish to do you can not give up. Phoenix Jackson shows her triumphant personality and she pushes through the problems, along with that she does not let people put her down. She is a proud independent woman, who needs no one’s help or opinion in her life to know what is right. Phoenix Jackson is bound and determined to go to town. She starts on her way and teaches the reader that just because life throws obstacles at you does not mean you can just quit and go home. She works through problems that she finds along the way. In the end she gets to the doctor’s office and she gets the medicine for her grandson, and all her troubles and problems along the way are all worth the trip. She knew that her long trips were worth her the trouble for her grandson to be able to live comfortably.
Along the way Phoenix is confronted by multiple people with different personalities and opinions of Miss Jackson. Phoenix was first confronted by a hunter, and he was not fond of Phoenix. He told her that she should just turn back so she wouldn’t get hurt or attacked by one of his people. The man acted like he was higher or more entitled than Phoenix. He calls her Granny, in trying to make fun of her or tease her. The man she meets does not bother her, she just politely moves on with her voyage. Another person she meets is a woman on the
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