Jacky Hayward Why I Eat Meat Summary

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After growing tired of hearing vegans and vegetarians telling her that it is absolutely atrocious to consume meat, Jacky Hayward makes an argument against these plant eaters in her article Why I Eat Meat (And Why You Should, Too). Starting off with a hypothetical theory, she responds to these vegans and vegetarians that if all people resorted to having a plant based diet then the world will eventually have no more livestock and soon no fertilizer. She continued on that the beef she eats is the “good” type of beef or better known as grass fed. This right kind of meat is the only one that should be consumed by everyone who loves eating meat. Her thesis statement revolves around the idea between the bad beef and the good beef, and that she herself only eats the good kind of beef. What made…show more content…
If she was trying to make an argument on why everyone should be eating meat, she should have included some examples. She could have added the health benefits of eating meat, the nutrients found in meat that plants do not provide, how meat achieves muscle growth and repair them and just add more solid information for her readers to reflect on. Just ending the article with how much she craves meat and how her life wouldn’t have been the same without it, doesn’t make her readers feel the same way. I care about this article because meat is something that my family and I eat every so often. But not many people really think where their meat is coming from. The difference between grass fed beef and corn meal fed beef is striking because one of them is much healthier and even tastier than the other. Who likes to think about the torture that animals had to go through before having to eat them? No one does; especially not Hayward. Going for the good beef that she mentioned in her article may be expensive but so is your health. Also limiting how much you eat meat is something that she has pointed
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