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Making jeans are like putting a huge puzzle together, there are thousands of threads and thousands of pieces. Levi Strauss was the first person to create jeans or “waist overalls”. Strauss is very successful in being able to make the first pair of jeans with his brother in law Jacob Davis. Levi Strauss was a very talented man, he managed a business at the age of 15, then he went West and started his own business. For instance, he traveled to New York after his father died to aid his brothers, Jonas and Lewis, he was around 15 when he managed the company, “Jonas and Lewis has established a dry goods company there and Levi went to work for them (Levi Strauss).”J Strauss Brother and Co. is the business Strauss worked for before he aimed West,…show more content…
For example, Strauss created the first pair of jeans with his brother-in-law Jacob Davis, “Levi Strauss went west to seek his fortune during the heady days of the gold rush (Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis receive patent for blue jeans).”The first pair of canvas jeans were created by Davis and Strauss, after a few years a new dye was invented, it was an indigo dye. That’s when Strauss and Davis had a dazzling idea to dye the jeans blue so they would hide stains. The blue jeans are still a big hit today, and people around the world still commend Levi Strauss for creating the blue jeans. Happiness and work are what filled Strauss’s later years. On one hand, Strauss funded 28 scholarships at the University of California in 1897, “The legendary jeans he helped create, known as Levi’s or Levis, continued to grow in popularity and have remained a fashion staple over the decades (Levi Strauss).” Giving more responsibilities to his nephews, Strauss grew older, he remained active in the company until he died(Levi Strauss). At the age of 73 Levi Strauss died, in his home located in San Francisco, on September 6, 1902 (Levi Strauss). Happiness and work filled up all of Strauss’s later
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