Jacob Denvy's Short Story: Aliens

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Jacob Denvy was a 27 year old, who had no future and no life ahead of him. His life up to this point had consisted of nothing more than him looking at a computer screen, Lying down on his couch and eating food (With the occasional game from some unreleased console, and a series no one had heard of). His life was simple and boring, and he was sick of it! He reached forward and held down the off button for five long seconds, the screen faded to black. It had been about a year since he'd left his man-cave, but today he was doing the unimaginable. Although there was only a flight of stairs and a corridor, it marked clearly a fine line between the outside world. As he made his way towards the door, his body shook with nerves, he had walked less…show more content…
well normal. There was *no* Zombie Apocalypse, *no* Aliens and *no* robots. It was all a little too boring for his liking, but what could he do? At the very least he wanted some supervillian in a cape walking around with a metal claw destroying everything in his path. But of course there was *none* of that. He made his way to the front of the house, the driveway was clear and there was no sign of a car or any other vehicle, but he rang the doorbell anyway. No one came to the door, after about thirty seconds he impatiently tried again... Still nothing! The Windows of the house were dusty and there were cobwebs surrounding the edges of the window pane, the paint on the side of the house was peeling and the grass was well beyond the point of life. He decided to try the back of the house. The door had been left ajar. Carefully easing the door open he set foot inside. The thing that confused him the most wasn't the strange musky old smell that carried throughout the house or the fact that it was completely silent and lacked in any noise at all, it was the fact that the house was so tidy? it was spotless as if no one had ever lived there... but of course that couldn't be true, could
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