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CHAPTER TEN Frantic Flight to Yellow Rock Jacob charged across the crest, his feet beating divots into the dirt. “Come on!” We bolted down the far side of the rock face toward the creek, the three of us slipping on crumbling stones until we hit level ground and could climb onto our horses. I was sure Seth’s horse, Promise, was going to barrel straight up the ridge, but she veered sharply to the right and galloped off in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, Bane dove into his truck and was giving chase through the fields. Seth tried desperately to elude him, cutting from the path, weaving in and out of the vines. Bane skidded to a stop in the middle of the meadow. He stumbled out and smashed his fists against the hood. Then he took off toward…show more content…
“So he’ll make sure we can’t tell anyone—ever.” “Ever?” I swallowed hard. “I hope—” “Wait.” Jacob smiled. “I have an idea, and it’s just crazy enough it might work. Bane will need time to drive into the village, round up some horses, and get back here. He thinks he has us trapped, but we’ll fool him. Come on!” He tugged at my T-shirt. “We’ll ride through Coyote Canyon before he gets back.” We ran back to our horses. Twist and Seth were milling around in the shadows of a scraggily tree waiting for us. “So, um,” Seth looked around, as if afraid someone would overhear. “What’s going on? Did you see…show more content…
“Bane and his crew cut us off, and now they’re trying to lure us into their trap.” Jacob laughed. “But I have a plan to make him look like an idiot! Oh never mind, he already does.” “I’m not sure if idiot’s the word I would use to describe how he looks,” Seth frowned. “But okay, so what’s the plan?” “It’s simple,” Jacob said. “We’ll ride over the crest and down into the canyon.” Twist didn’t look real sold on the idea, but he nodded. “I guess it’s better than just sitting here and waiting to die.” “That’s the spirit. Now, let’s put this plan into motion.” Jacob jumped on Ace and started up the trail. “Everything’s cool, right?” “Sure,” I lied, feeling about as cool as a roasted marshmallow. Seth and Twist trotted behind me. We drifted up the trail past mountain laurel, sagebrush, and small pines for almost half an hour then finally made it to the top of the ridge. I could see into the wide rift below. It was craggy, thick, and wild. The ground was littered with fallen twigs, decaying maple leaves, and brambly, green shrubs. And the air was sticky, which felt weird after the dry, hot winds of the valley. Jacob paused for a moment and then started down the other side. The going was easier, and it only took us fifteen minutes to reach the rocky

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