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Jacob L. Shinn
Jacob Little Shinn was a very respected man. He worked hard to get what he wanted in life. He did some very good deeds. He even fell in love and had kids. He made his name stand out because he was different.
Jacob L. Shinn was born on October 3, 1826, in North Carolina. He was the son to Benjamin Daniel Shinn and Martha Tucker. He grew up on a family farm. He had thirteen siblings. He had six brothers John E. Shinn, John O. Shinn, William C. Shinn, Benjamin D. Shinn, Thomas J. Shinn, and Calvin R. smith. He also had seven sisters Cyrena Shinn, Elizabeth Shinn, Easter Shinn, Daisy Magdalena Shinn, Louisa Shinn, Buena Vista Shinn, and Martha Shinn.
Shinn decide to serve for his country by going to war. Jacob went to serve in The Mexican War and The American War. He got discharged in Camargo at Rio Grande 1846 February 23. After the war he went home and worked on his Dad and uncles farm. After too long, with his money that he saved from the war, he built his own business in 1852. Three years after he opened the first Dollar General in the town he married a women of the name of Martha Batten
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It was a two-story brick building. But the courthouse got ripped down and built again in 1931. Jacob Shinn had more money and invested money in Russellville than any other person in Russellville. He was also the chairman of Russellville Board of School Directors. The people of Russellville did debate to name the town. They were either going to pick Jacob L. Shinn or Thomas Russel. Thomas Russel was picked even though Jacob L. Shinn has put so much in that town. Jacob dies August 17, 1899. He was 72 years, 10 months, and 14 days old.
The man was very respected. He worked for what he wanted in life. He made his name stand out because he wanted to be different. He did some good deeds in his life. He also fell in love and had kids. His name was Jacob Little

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