Jacob To Prison Case Study

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Jacob Ind fifteen year old boy murdered mother and stepfather, reason being he was sexually, physically and emotionally abused by his mother and stepfather. Jacob had told his friend about the crime he has committed. Jacobs friend the next day told the principal, then the principal who which told the police about Jacobs crime. Jacob is going to charge with manslaughter in this trial with also second degree murder. Jacob is now under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Jacob was under a lot of abuse when he was a child. If I were to send Jacob to prison there are some chances of him getting out of prison and some chances most likely never to get out of prison. Jacob will have some rehab sessions for 3 years, under adult supervision of a police officer. Jacob will be staying Friday night to Monday moring at his rehab facility and have no contact with friends or family. Jacob will also have community service served from after school till 7:00pm and has to be in his house at 9:00pm. Nathen Ybanez age 16, parents sexualy, emotionaly and physically abused their son till that day of Nathans crime. …show more content…

Trevor has been charged previosly with a DUI (driving under the influence). Trevor had set up a deal to sell a handgun to a personal friend, Matt Foley. Matt Foley was buying this weapon for his cousin. Matt had the money to buy this gun, then the deal went wrong. Trevor who was in the car with Matt at the time. Just as Matt had given the money to Trevor then, when Trevor was giving the gun to Matthew Foley the gun which then suddenly discharged and killed his friend Matt. Trevor then the next day turned himself in. Trevor Jones in this case you are being chared of theft under five thousand, reckless manslaughter which will fall in to felony murder. Trevor Jones will be sentanced in prison for the maximum ten years. Followed by the rest of his life going to thearapy and rehab

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