Jacob Womack Informative Speech

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Jacob Womack was born May 17, 1997 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. His mom is Christina Pettigrew and Father Jesse Womack. He lived in Prairie Grove, Arkansas for the first part of his childhood but then moved to West Fork, Arkansas when he started school. He went to West Fork’s schools all through his elementary, middle, and high school career. He is currently going to the University of Arkansas and is in their band playing clarinet. Although high school Jacob made it very clear that he was participating in society. His Senior year of high school he volunteered a summer to helping old people. While in high school he learned and demonstrated good citizenship by learning about the different political parties and societies. You can ask him anything about any party and he could answer it. When election season came around, Jacob would often teach his younger sister, Andrea Womack, about how it works. He would go into great depth on why delegates are even a thing and why superdelegates are the most important. Each time an election came into West Fork, and when he turned 18, he took advantage of his voting rights and voted nearly every time. He voted during the presidential debate, he voted when electing a mayor, and he even voted when electing a…show more content…
To say he’s free is an understatement. He lives in America so he is automatically granted a type of freedom that most people are not allowed to have. Jacob Womack is 19 and he is already showing qualities of a valuable citizen. He has a decent paying job and is going to college and getting a degree in computer sciences. He is the very definition of independent. He also advocates for equality in America. He has gone to multiple Gay Pride parades and riots, help start GSA (Gay Straight Alliance), and he joins in the recent Black Lives Matter movements that groups on his college campus starts. While Jacob still hasn’t reached his full potential, you can bet that his values will continue to
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