Jacob's Behavior Observation Paper

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In Jacob’s situation, many children go through rough patches in their lives, whether it must deal with status, money, behavior, or peer pressure. Many theorists came up with ways to explain or comfort people with the issues that go on with the youth, but into Jacobs situation, he came from a lower class with good home circumstances but once he got into school. He didn’t like school, he lacked the drive to do good in school plus with trying to fit in with kids of higher status than him, which made him make tough decisions because he wanted to fit in by stealing a leather jacket. Which didn’t work out as the plan he got caught and now is labeled to an outcast from any stores and at school he is shunned from society due to his poor choices. In…show more content…
81) which goes with why Jacob isn’t a good criminal because he wasn’t hanging out with gang members he was trying to be friends with a higher status of friends, but since he didn’t have the money he had to do a deviant deed to try and fit in which cost him his life by going down a path that he shouldn’t have. Now he can’t be a good criminal nor become successful because he was trying to fit in with the wrong qualities. However, there is only one theory of the two that really can explain Jacob’s situation better than the other and in my opinion, is Classification of the Theory because it talks about the strain and structural theory which must deal with the why this happened because he didn’t have money to fit in a higher status, plus the theory talks about interaction which explains why he did what he did because he was pressured to fit

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