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When will the world finally respect the peoples voice instead of those in power? Since the beginning of time those in position of power would tend to abuse that power leaving those that gave it to them either in fear or outraged. This statement alone describes William A. Martin, a police officer for the Fort Worth Texas, who wrongfully and violently arrested an African American family. Martin was suspended for ten days without pay, though the author of the article believed that the punishment should have been for more severe. He was correct in thinking this, Martin should have been out of a job. Though the times have changed the abuse of power has not and those who abuse it rarely face a genuine persecution for it. The dispute began between Martin and…show more content…
If a person was to work at a fast food place argues with a customer that person would lose their job. In the corporate world if you even miss a day of work your job could belong to someone else. This shows that Martin was let off easy, he did something bad and did not lose his job. It shows that the officials in the police are lenient, which make the officers feel as if they are untouchable. When a person feels untouchable they tend to do what they want which will start to cause power abuse. Since the beginning the power abuse cycle as always been a cruel but everlasting force. We can start with Hitler and using his power to cause the holocaust. Another example of power abuse is Kim Jung oppressing Korea just because he feels that it is okay and just. Even Ceaser is said to have abused his power which was followed one of the most dominant oppressive regimes for centuries. If from the beginning those who abused power were rightfully punished the world would be a completely different place, for the

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