Jacques Cartier's Influence On Canadian Culture

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In the history of Quebec officially attributed by Jacques Cartier in 1534, but thousands of years before his arrival, people have crossed the frozen ground and established different communities. These people were Indigenous people, the first inhabitants of the province Quebec. Many years later, numerous explorer stopped in Quebec attempted to explore the land especially the east of Quebec. During 1535, Jacques Cartier’s second journey brought many benefits to the King of France. During this journey, he went to Stadacona (Quebec City), Hochelaga (Montreal), and finally, he stopped in Trois-Rivieres on the way back home (Fauteux, A, 2004). Since Jacques Cartier discovered numerous lakes and rivers, he thought it will lead to the Asia, which encouraged the king to invest more money for exploration travelers. In 1603, Samuel de Champlain was the next explorer who visits Quebec and he officially establishes a colony in Quebec City. Many years later, the English and the French each had sought to colonize New-France with the highest inhabit population possible. Unfortunately for the French, the English were higher in number…show more content…
Numerous social, economic changes and even influence political happened in Quebec, which gave birth to today’s culture in Quebec. Quebec is a unique and united province. A distinctive culture that is different from the rest of Canada is due to their French origins as well as the French language. Even with these all good factors, metropolis power shift from Montreal to Toronto. Since Southern Ontario (longer history soils) had rich agricultural lands condition than southern Quebec, able to produce more valuable specialty crops than did Quebec. However, Quebec is still essentially important in Canada because geographically most of the river (water resources) is around Quebec and industry as well as tourism plays an important role in the economy of
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