Jail Arrest

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Ain’t Scared of Your Jail Arrest, Imprisonment, and the Civil Rights Movement is a telling expose of the Civil Rights Movement and the trial and tribulations of such. The book touches on the Imprisonment of several individuals during the civil rights movement. She examines the time period when the Civil Rights Movement was at its height, the 1950 and 1960s. She covers several major markets that had an effect on the civil rights movement and where people were arrested the most at. She writes of jailing’s in Albany, Atlanta, and Birmingham where some of the most notorious jailing occurred. There is concentration on the black community in Montgomery, Alabama. This section of the text explores the way in which city officials made attempts to destroy…show more content…
These arguments help put all of the arrest and the reactions behind the arrest in context because of the numerous arrest and the controversy surrounding these arrest leading up to even the arrest of major figures such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The discussion she held with people who were present during the movement along with her analysis of writings such as the Letter from Birmingham Jail, help to build contextual evidence and support her claims regarding conditions and the effect of arrest on the movement. Her writing flows with ease as she explains in chronological order the evolution of arrest during the time beginning in the early 1960s. However, the argument is not fully orchestrated because Colley she sometimes tries to cover more material than necessary and leaves some of the most important facts in order to cover points which she views as extremely important. Her work often depends on tons of information that is already made available through published work and her archive research may be limited.
This book is accurate and gives excellent details into the sung and unsung heroes of the Civil Rights Movement and their arrest which at times was consistent. The theory which Colley has developed draws on the arrest and climate in each of the communities during the time. It is these factors along with the resources left behind that help to drive home the context in which these arrest were made strategic. This text is amazingly written and allows for a clear and concise tell of the arrest and jailing and how they meant for this brief period of tribulation to become a tool and catalyst for
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