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For starters, the jail visit was quite alarming and eye opening to me. I never knew that facility was down there right next to the capital. I always picture jails or prisons in rural area. When touring the classroom where the imamates work on their schooling, I was looking at pictures of the previous students. As I looked at each picture, a familiar face popped out at me. It was a guy I had attended high school with. He was a fun, caring, and silly guy. He sat next to me in my English class sophomore year. After that year, he never came back to school. I had wondered where he went, but I figured he had just transferred schools. It was a moment I'll never forget as I stared at his picture. Jail or prison is something that just seems fake. For me, it isn't an issue or problem I have to hear or see about rarely ever. After visiting I feel like it isn't some made up place, it has become real to me. For the guy I know serving his sentence, I just want to know where he went wrong. I can only hope that he will be put on the right tracks in his life. He is…show more content…
Reading about all the stories DaRen had as well as how prison is a norm in his life even as a young child. It broke my heart in ways that he was "trained" for prison. That is something you shouldn't aspire to train for. After visiting such a harsh environment then reading about the process and his time in prison, it just made the visiting the jail all the more real. After visiting the jail you wonder what goes on because as a visitor, you don't see it all. The stories from the inmates about their cellmates or problems going on. That is stuff that was left out when visiting the jail. DaRen faced a troubled time and a lot of choices at the correctional. This book does a great job of showing that with every decision you make good or bad, their will be an outcome. I wonder what choices all throughout DaRen's life he regrets

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