Jails In Prisons

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Jails in the Criminal Justice System Corrections as an element of public policy and the criminal justice operations has far too long focused entirely on those lengthy sentences in prisons as the driving element of the field of corrections. Jails are now seen as something that is more complex, challenging, and useful in becoming knowledgeable of the big picture of the criminal justice system. Approximately, there are 3,320 local jails or regional justice systems spread throughout the United States. Those same jails push us and demand that our attention be brought to the public policy process. Jails promote the opportunity for those to face criminal behavior head on. Through the new and evolving public policies such as reentry and return…show more content…
In 2009, Governor Bev Perdue and a bipartisan group of state legislators and other leaders requested help the Council of State Governments Justice Center to develop a statewide plan to reduce spending on prisons in North Carolina. In reducing the amount of funds spent on prisons this will increase public safety, also use the current funding available as efficiently and effectively as possible. In the State of North Carolina, inmates who are sentence to 90 days or less will serve their sentence in county or local jail at the county’s expense. In some counties long-term misdemeanant sentences as well as those with felony sentencing were being served by inmates in a county jail. However, effective January 1, 2012, all defendants that were sentenced to over 180 days for a misdemeanor and for those who were sentenced for a felony must serve their sentences in the state prison system and not at any of the county…show more content…
The North Carolina Sheriff’s Association has been appointed as the developer of the Statewide Confinement Program to permit the Department of Corrections to contract with sheriffs offices who have available beds in their county jails. The Statewide Confinement Program ( SCMP) in charge of managing the housing, transportation, and medical expenses. In agreeance to the contracts, 91-180 day misdemeanants will be housed in county jails with available beds and the counties will be reimbursed for doing so. Out of 100 North Carolina counties, 59 counties participate in partnership with the statewide misdemeanant confinement program as recieving counties, No county is forced to keep misdemeanants serving 91-180 day sentences. On June 30, 2016 at the end of the fiscal year, the program’s daily population averaged 1,068 inmates per day. Between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016, the North Carolina Staff Association processed more than 4,209 inmates through the statewide misdemeanor confinement program; of those inmates 3,581 were male, while 628 were

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