Jake Blount And Mr. Singer's Friendship In The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

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Jake Blount and Mr. Singer’s Friendship in The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers
Throughout the Novel The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, Jake Blount is one of the many characters that turned to Mr. Singer for advice. Jake found comfort in talking with Mr. Singer and he felt that Mr. Singer helped him through some problems he was facing. He never held back his true thoughts and emotions when talking to Mr. Singer. Jake usually talked to Singer about all his opinions about the town and its problems. He also mentions to Singer how no one quite understood him, and he confides in Singer about his life growing up. This resulted in a friendship between them. The friendship benefited Jake because it gave him something to do beside staying drunk in the bar all night long, allowed him to relieve some stress through communication, and gave him someone to trust and look up to.
Before Singer came into town Jake would sit at the bar every day and get so drunk he would pass out and hardly remember what happened the next day (McCullers 14). He
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Singer was the type of guy that “understood.” Jake used either the word knows or understands to describe if someone had the same thoughts and beliefs that he had. Something he believed was that “it almost never happens” that two people who both know will run into each other (McCullers 24). He also used it to talk about how he was the only guy who was ever truly mad in the town (McCullers 68). He talked about how corrupted the town was and how Mr. Singer was someone who knew what he meant by it all (McCullers 69). Jake was happy that Singer understood what he was saying and how he felt (McCullers 69). Mr. Singer helped him get some of the concerns he had off his chest without the judgment he would receive from other people: “Blount would never really talk -- Only to the mute” (McCullers 229). Everyone knew that the only person he would open up to was Mr. Singer (McCullers
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