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Fans of Deadliest Catch were shocked to hear that Jake Harris was attacked this week and left on the side of the road. His brother Josh Harris has been doing a great job of updating fans on how he is doing and what is going on. Jake ended up in ICU, and his brother Josh Harris kept going to his Facebook page to talk about what went down. He was worried about his brother and shared that they knew who attacked Jake. He even went as far as to share pictures of them and their names. Now KREM is revealing that an arrest has been made in the attack of Jake Harris. Two people were actually arrested in Jake 's attack today, which makes fans really happy knowing he would get some justice.

The police in Spokane arrested Jorel Fultz and Amanda Ritter Crandell in the
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Jake declined going to the hospital at the scene but was later taken in to be checked on by his girlfriend. Police said at this time the case is still under investigation. Both suspects were the same ones identified by Harris ' brother in a video he shared on Facebook. They will be taken to Snohomish County Wednesday to face robbery charges there. Everyone is hoping that Josh Harris will post another video about how his brother is doing and what happened with the arrest. In his last video, Josh admitted that he had been drinking a bit and was afraid that he might get in trouble for posting it, but that didn 't stop him.

Yesterday, Josh Harris went to his Facebook page and gave an update about what was going on. At this time, he said police knew who had attacked Jake, but they were going to finish working their case before arresting the suspects. It sounds like it all worked out since they were able to arrest both of the suspects. According to Josh Harris, Jake was not their first victim either. Hopefully, they will be able to charge the suspects with the other attack as well if they did

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