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The 1989 movie “Dad” follows the emotional rollator coaster of the Tremont family. The story is centered on, Jake Tremont, an older man whose caretaker wife falls ill and is hospitalized for a while. Jake’s son, John, steps in to help take care of his cognitively declining father. It is through his emotional journey, filled with pain, growth, and love- that we witness the get a glimpse into the world of older adults and the many struggles they go through.
There are many themes presented in the movie that are specific for older adults. One theme in particular was shown throughout the movie. That theme is the role of a caregiver and the issues they face. In the beginning of the film, Betty, Jake’s wife, is showed to be the primary caretaker for Jake. She sets his clothes out for him, prepares his meals, and does most of the shopping. Normally these tasks would be seen as common wife duties but, Jake had trouble putting his clothes on, eating his food, and walking around the store. His dependence on his wife is clearly
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One stereotype shown is that belief that older adults are incapable of learning something new. When John moves in with his father while his mother recovers, he notices many things about his father that was not present the last time he visited him. To help him become more independent John creates flash cards for his father. He even encourages his father to get his driver’s license. Amazing, Jake’s independence does improve and he is able to get his license. I believe this was possible because John believed in his father as opposed to other people like his sister Annie who would say things like “Dad cannot handle seeing mom right now” or “He is not capable of being by himself”. It is because of John’s positivity that Jake is able gain so much independence. I also think that Betty being in the hospital had an impact on Jake’s willingness to become more
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