Jakks Pacific Inc Swot Analysis

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Jakks Pacific, Inc. Was established in 1995 and deals with designing,producing and marketing toys and other leisure products. This company under different brands also develop and market writing instruments for children and adults.The company has different popular brands like funnoodle, max tow, moose mountain etc. They sell through their inhouse sales dept and also through retail stores, groceries, department stores etc. They are continuosly working towards their mission statement that is to have children engaged in creative play withh products that encourage learning, interaction and fun. They dream to become a billion dollar company and through strategic acquisition, product line modification and licensing and agreements, they are reaching a wide audience with something for everybody. Their robust distribution network ensures their presence within the reach of their target consumer base. System feedback loops for Jakks Pacific Inc. System is a group of interrelated and interdependent things which interact with one another. They come together to form a unified whole which has a specific purpose. Systems are everywhere amongst us. Identifying a system, gives us a perspective, it helps us better understand their purpose. The system is composed of various parts which constantly interact with one…show more content…
The need is to have processes which balance and provide stability. These are the balancing loops which continuosly try to keep the system at some performance level. These processes try to bring back the system to its original state of well being. For example, if a person is feeling stressed. Some relaxation exercises, may help him feel better. This is a balancing loop. In case of Jakks Inc. The research and development department can work towards ensuring that the product line is redesigned and modified to suit current market trends thus taking "corrective and preventive" measures where ever

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