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Culture and Women In “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid and “ How to date a Brown girl, Black girl, White girl or Halfie “ by Junot Diaz, both authors elaborate on culture and how it shapes outlook on women. In Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” a mother enforces her culture’s strong beliefs on her daughter. As the result, she displays her parental authority with a sequence of short commands influenced by her culture. A sense of judgment can be seen in the young girl, after questioning her mothers’ request. The culture associated with “ Girl “ has a definite attitude towards women, believing they should live a modest and conservative lifestyle. In Junot Diaz “ How to date a Brown girl, Black girl, White girl or Halfie”, the culture associations with women is…show more content…
The culture that these two boys uphold with these women of different race, behaves differently during shifts of intimacy. Junot Diaz states “ A white girl might just give it up right then. Don’t stop her” (396). A stereotype amongst Caucasian women suggests that they are loose, shows how a males culture has negatively influence the views of other groups. A wide range of the comments led by him was associated with stereotypical ideas of specific race associated with the women. The economic status the boys would like to perceive themselves as differ from their current economic status and behavior. The older boy suggests that the younger boy should take down family pictures, if a female of a higher rank pays a visit. Removing evidence that the boy was from another country will ensure the boys self-confidence (394). They believe that women will view them as better providers if they are higher in economic status. Therefore, men in this culture tend to have less difficulty with women believed to be on the loose end, they feel this way is more efficient and able to spend less money. Whereas, the conservative girls with high status create an annoyance for the boys who try to represent themselves as equal or higher. These groups of girls are classified as “ the girl that never shows up” (394). Junot Diaz quotes “Give one of your boys a shout and when he says, Are you still waiting on that bitch? say, Hell yeah” (394). Therefore she’s stuck up; the negative reference made towards her was in regards of her cultural

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