Jamaica Kincaid Girl

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For generations, women have struggled to overcome the patriarchal societies that have held them down and stigmatized them. Unfortunately, these pressures transcend cultures and continue to this day. The experiences in “Girl” are a global phenomenon that affects girls regardless of who they are or where they come from. In Jamaica Kincaid’s short story “Girl”, the protagonist is repeatedly belittled as a calculated way of controlling her behavior. The girl faces a plethora of responsibilities at home, as well as societal expectations of her behavior in her faith-based community. However, the control of a patriarchal society is not limited to the shores of Antigua, where the story takes place. It is a commanding force globally where women, regardless…show more content…
This attitude results in the treatment of women as less than men and can be found just about anywhere. “Parental preference for male children in China and India has been well publicized, a prenatal preference for boys exists in the United States as well” (Atwood, Pg.24). However, it is especially prominent in smaller, less developed countries where the need for a head of household is greater. With that being said, the need for a dominating head of the household is not the only reason for the patriarchal society we see today. The desire to have a son rather than a daughter often ends up leaving daughters in emotional turmoil due to her parents (often times) clear-cut bias. Which is demonstrated in a variety of ways “parents treat daughters differently than sons: they criticize and interrupt daughters more than sons; restrict their independence more; react more negatively to their emerging sexuality; and assign them more household chores.” (Atwood, Pg.23) The daughters, who tend to lose their voice more easily than their male siblings, can be left with a great deal of unwanted responsibility, little confidence, direction or
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