Jamaica Kincaid Story 'Between The Sexes A Great Divide'

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In Jamaica Kincaid story, ‘’Girl’’ and in Anna Quindlen story, ‘’Between The Sexes A Great Divide’. It talks about too strong woman 's point of view of gender, for example ‘’ Girl ‘’ talks about how Global woman teaching which are how a woman should act in society and what they should and should not do around men For example How ladies should not be a slut around man and how man and woman enjoy bully each other from time to time. While ’’Between the Sexes a Great Divide’ ‘talks about how men and women will always be different, but they can still have a successful relationship. Anna shows this by talking about her son 's and how her son 's best friend is a girl and they still enjoy each other 's company, Or how a woman and man always…show more content…
Jamaica Kincaid stories ‘’Girl’’ and Anna Quindlen ‘’Between The Sexes A Great Divide’’ have many Literary devices, but two literary devices that stand out are which are hyperbole and metaphors, Both of these literary devices show the author 's point The View on gender. In ‘’Girl’’ Jamaica Kincaid point of view of gender was showed in a metaphor that talks about a man allowed a woman to have a physical relationship with him. Kincaid writes, ‘’ always squeeze bread to make sure it 's fresh; but what if the baker won 't let me feel the bread?; you mean to say that after all, you are really going to be the kind of woman who the baker won 't let near the bread?’’(Kincaid page 1).Kincaid writes this because it shows that she has a view of gender that uses literary devices such as a metaphor. Kincaid uses a metaphor to show that women need to serve man. Which shows in the quote because it talks about how a woman to let them self-have a relationship with a man. In ‘’Between The Sexes A Great Divide’’ a story written by Anna Quindlen it also shows her point of view of gender by using literary devices which are a hyperbole. Quindlen uses a hyperbole to say that there a divide between the sexes when you 're on the dance floor and it like a great shiny because it takes a while for people to start dances with each other. Quindlen writes, ‘’ I can see is that great shiny space in the middle of the dance floor where no one ever meets’’(Quindlen page 1).This show by using literary…show more content…
Make money differences that can also be similarities found in Jamaica Kincaid story ‘’Girl’’ and in Anna Quindlen story ‘‘Between The Sexes A Great Divide’ ’For example, a similarity between these two amazing authors is that they 're both written in a woman 's point of view and talk about how woman and man are a bully in their relationship. In ‘’Girl’’ written by Jamaica Kincaid, Female talks about how ladies can be can be bullied and how men can be bullied as well. Jamaica Kincaid writes, ‘’this is how to bully a man; this is how a man bullies you; this is how to love a man; and if this doesn 't work there are other ways’’ (Kincaid page 1) This shows that a woman point of view on can be similar because both authors talk about how a man bullies woman and how woman bullies a man. In ‘’Between The Sexes A Great Divide’’ by Anna Quindlen talks about A look or a sign about how both genders think that women or men could be weird or considered strange. Jamaica Kincaid writes ‘’. A look flashed between them, and then the little boy, too. Mom. Weird. Women…….. One of us will sigh, and the other will know what the sign means. Husband. Strange. Men’’(Kincaid page 2) This quote shows that Woman and man can bully each other by giving a look or a side to another saying that they 're weird or strange. Therefore Jamaica Kincaid story ‘’Girl’’ and in Anna Quindlen story ‘‘Between The Sexes A Great Divide’ Both authors have a woman 's point of
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