Jamaica Kincaid's Girl

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The story “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid is narrated by a woman who lists numerous detailed instructions on how to be a “proper” woman. These instructions include things that are relevant to household duties, etiquette skills, attire, relationships, etc. They may sound like simple common tasks, however, it seems to describe more stereotypical roles of how women are perceived. Kincaid's story gives an insight to these gender roles and society’s perception of women in which readers are able to feel and understand this woman. It’s obvious why readers would assume that it’s the mother who is telling the story, since she is the one giving the orders, except the speaker is actually the daughter. The story is her recollection of the way she was raised, what she was told to do or not do and how to do it right. I would imagine that she was raised in a traditional, old fashion and authoritarian family. Some of the things that were mentioned, for instance, singing benna, growing dasheen and making doukona tells me that she may be from a Caribbean decent. The mother wants her to be a certain way in an attempt to make sure that she will grow up to be a proper woman. The lifestyle her mother grew…show more content…
During the mothers past time, it was considered normal that women fulfilled these household duties while the men was at work providing, however, it’s something the daughter considers to be part of the past. In my opinion, cooking and household chores are perceived as traditional feminine roles because they’re traditionally done by women. It is gender stereotyping because as the times change, traditions may also
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