Jamaica Kincaid's Girl: Journal Analysis

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Week Journal #7

At the start of our class, I was deeply inspired with the TED video that we watched in week1. I was thinking about how do we often just assume something with our own perspective and own experiences. Also, me and my psychology professor were discussing about this problem or should I say, this tendency. This was very interesting project for me to study. I’m glad that I have encounter to this similar topic.

For the stories that I’ve read this week was interesting. The first story was Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl”. It was a very short story about a Mother teaching her daughter to behave like a woman. All the things that she said in the story was very strict and womanish. However, the story implies deeper implications. First, there was almost zero amount of daughter’s opinion, she was just asking some questions but that was all. From this, I thought of how parents and their kids position works. Parents are the upper hand comparing to kids. They have all the authorities and power to decide what is right or wrong for their
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At first, I was really confused what the woman in the story doing at night. But as the I read to the end, I was shocked and at the same time, I felt pity for her and her son. I don’t know the exact reason why she is doing the “night job”, but she was trying to save her family, her only son. However, important thing about this story is that if someone who don 't know what happen to her, he or she can easily misunderstand her decisions. It would’ve been a hard decision to make for her too. She has a little house with only one room, sharing with her son and she have to do her “night job” right next to her son’s bed. I think she didn 't have any other choices but to do the night job for her son. Overall, this was a story that really clarify how the single story can be differently interpreted in various
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