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Jamaica, a warm sunny place with an island smell. Jamaica was where reggae was invented and is were Bob Marley as born. Jamaica has a population of 3.1 million people and is a great place to take a beautiful relaxing vacation
Jamaica is the third biggest island in the Caribbean, and it is mostly one big mountain with a little strip of coast line. It is a four way stop for a group of oceans made up of the Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean, Caribbean, and Atlantic Ocean.
The highest point on Jamaica is the blue mountain peak at 7,402 feet Jamaica is made mostly of lime stone and is littered with caves and sink holes. Its largest river is the black river which is 239,501 feet wide. The coast of Jamaica is garded by huge coral refes , home to many
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Though Kingston is the most popular it is definitely not the safest. Kingston is where most hurricanes hit the hardest. This is proven seeing that they city has been destroyed twice. In the end it is all worth it because you can’t get the Jamaican lifestyle anywhere else.
Jamaica is a not a large island, its actually smaller than the state of Connecticut. The capital of Jamaica is Kingston and is called home by about 590,000 people. That’s a large number for small space. The Jamaican people prefer to eat homemade foods instead of going out to a restaurant. One of their popular foods is called Jerk which is full of different spices. Jerk chicken is a chicken or pork dish with a seasoning of all spice and scotch bonnet peppers. That’s where they get the word jerk from because the heat “jerks” tears out of your eyes.
“Jamaican foods have been influenced from many different cultures, including African, Spanish, British, Indian, Chinese, Jews, Syrians and Lebanese. It’s also been influenced by the North American’s fast foods, and more importantly influenced by a term called Granny’s Kitchen which is a culmination of favorite

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