Jamaican Restaurant Research Paper

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Skip the fast food tonight and head on over to see us at Lady G 's Jamaican Cuisine in Richmond, VA. Enjoy traditional Jamaican food such as, jerk chicken, jerk shrimp, and oxtails. If you 're a fan of Jamaican food you 'll love our dishes that are prepared to taste just like you took a trip the island. You might actually forget that you 're in Virginia If you 're not familiar with this type of food we 'll be happy to help you expand your culinary horizons to include delicious Jamaican dishes.

If you 've never been to a Jamaican restaurant you 're in for a treat. Flavors are spicy, and bold. There 's nothing bland or boring here. Those new to this type of food might want to opt for something somewhat familiar such as, a Jamaican patty. These look similar to empanadas and are simply delicious. If you 're concerned about the spininess ask for a mild one. Our friendly, and helpful staff can explain the dishes to you in detail in order to help you to come up with something that you 'll
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We look forward to serving you in our Jamaican restaurant. We love seeing old customers, and new customers alike. Each and every one of you who come through our door is thought of as a welcomed friend. We want you to enjoy our foods, and our atmosphere. Whether you eat Jamaican food often or you 're new to these flavors stop in and let us show you what we can do. You 'll quickly become a fan.

Come in, sit back, relax, and enjoy a fun-filled night out. Our restaurant is perfect for a group of friends, a couple on date night, or an individual who wants to sit down to have some amazing food. We look forward to serving you, and having you become part of

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