Jamal Helping Forrester Analysis

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Based on the title, I believe it fits well with both Jamal helping Forrester and Forrester helping Jamal. In the movie, Forrester is assisting Jamal into becoming a better writer and teaching him to never think, just type. While Jamal is aiding Forrester to realize the importance of friendship and love. But, if I were to pick the more important one of the two, I think Jamal helping Forrester find himself fits well. Forrester is an elderly man living in New York completely by himself. He is often found staring through his window, watching Jamal and his friends play basketball in the court. The days Jamal would spend time with him, it gave Forrester a whole new outlook at life. He was so used to being isolated. But now since he has company, he realized there was more to life than just sitting at home by yourself, doing nothing. He used to believe that his life was no longer important. That changed when Jamal came into the picture. Forrester finally perceived that he should make every second of his life…show more content…
When we write, we are writing from our hearts, and only we can truly understand what our hearts are trying to tell us. Writing for others may be okay, but to the person you are writing for, it would feel like they are missing something in your piece. That missing feeling can only be filled if they were the ones writing the piece in the first place. Just like Forrester told Jamal — never to think, just type. This should apply to all writers because the only writing that truly counts, are the writings we wrote with full devotion. Only we can fully comprehend our thoughts and write them down on paper. After writing, we are the only one’s who can grasp the actual meaning of the work. When you are writing about yourself, it is more powerful. The reason being is because you can relate to yourself more than you can relate to another person. You know yourself better than anyone else
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