Jamba Juice Essay

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Jamba Juice
Jamba Juice is a specialty beverage company that offers smoothies, juices, hot teas, and flatbreads, breakfast wraps, baked goods, and coffees (Jamba Juice, 2014). Jamba Juice also sells healthy and natural products that consumers can buy at grocery stores and other retail outlets. These products include smoothie kits, energy drinks, trail mix, novelty bars, and fruit chips. It was founded in 1990 and has stores in the United States as well as Mexico, Canada, the Philippines, and South Korea. Jamba Juice’s mission is “to become the leading healthy lifestyle brand offering customers great tasting and differentiated products inside and outside of our stores” (Jamba Juice, 2014).
Present Markets and Goals
Jamba Juice’s current market is young 25 to 40 year old
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• Strengthening its total brand value through brand building and total innovation (Jamba Juice, 2014).
• Consistent organic growth in revenue, earnings and profitability (Jamba Juice, 2014).
Jamba Juice hopes to achieve all three of its current objectives in the foreign market.
Consumer Needs
Satisfies the consumer need for healthier and good-tasting beverage and food alternatives. In recent years in the U.S., people have shifted away from unhealthy choices for snacks, meals, etc. and shifted toward foods that healthy low in sugar, low calorie, and made from natural ingredients.
Current consumer’s needs are well aligned with the needs of the new market. There is a global trend toward healthier better for you food products.
Advertising in U.S. uses individualistic aspect of culture like the Blend in the Good Dance Contest. Jamba Juice is directive in ads by telling consumers exactly about the products, isn’t ambiguous reflects low uncertainty avoidance and low context culture of U.S.
Advantages in marketplace
• Jamba Juice is the number one selling smoothie company (Jamba Juice,

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