Jamba Juice Swot Analysis

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Jamba Juice was founded by Kirk Perron. It was initially started in the early 1990’s and was known as Juice Club. The name was later changed to Jamba Juice in 1995. The name change came about because the establishment wanted to separate and distinguish themselves from other companies. In March of 1999 the company merged with another retail smoothie chain known as Zuka Juice. They were later acquired by Services Acquisition Corporation International. In addition to being acquired, they completely switched over their management team. Over time CEO James White did help to turn around and clean up the ongoing issues with Jamba Juice. They faced problems ranging from debt issues, branding issues, refranchising stores, and expanding food and target…show more content…
Some of the goals included initiating international growth, refranchising existing stores, and a plan to reduce expenses. The strengths that benefit Jamba Juice is the differentiation which helps set them apart. They also are known for having high quality healthy products. Some of Jamba Juice weaknesses are that they lack of sales, raw materials and other resources are expensive, and high competition. However, there are many opportunities for Jamba Juice to grow such as being a healthy alternative to fast food and expanding internationally. Lastly, the threats can be recognized as are that they are high competition, other companies offered similar product at a lower price, high supplier cost, and climate and transportation conflicts. The 5 forces that are related in this case include the threat of new entrants, substitute of product, and rivalry. Many other established fast food restaurants can offer smoothies at a lower and reduce price and also the substitute for their products can be high because the consumers have several options and the ability to make them at home. Rivalry among competitors is also
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