Jamel Zebb: Football Player

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Jamel Zebb was a football player that rarely got into the games. He had always dreamed about scoring a touchdown. It was the last game of the year, and was a really close game. It was now fourth quarter and they were losing by six points. The star running back was hit in the knee and injured. The first person coach saw was Jamel he ordered him to “get in the game.” Jamel answered with “I can’t I’m a lineman not a running back.” The coach soothed his nerves by telling him “you can do this the team is relying on you.” So he went into the game, the play was a 22 dive. Jamel was getting the ball. “Down, set, hut!” Jamel got the ball and took off running, but was tackled quickly and only gained one yard. He was disappointed with himself for not
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