James Baldwin On The Importance Of Education

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I agree with James Baldwin because he gives lots of good reason of what is education and what education should need to be. For example he said we could look at the world for our self when we are educate. Also make our own decision and said what we feel or think about the thing that are going around us. Education is the things that make our dream come true and if we want to be something in our future than we need education to continue my dream. We also need education to become an independent our self. First purpose of education is to make our dream come true. We need education to reach in our dream for example if we want to be a doctor than we need to educate. Without education we don’t know anything’s so we don’t able to continue our dream. If we have education than we don’t have to in the place, which we don’t like so we are able to work in the place where is good. To achieve our dream we need to be educate person than we will get job in the place where we like and what type of job we want to do to this way our…show more content…
We don’t need to stay under someone if we are educate and independent person. If we are educate than we will look at the world for our self. We don’t need another person when we are going some place because we can read and go anywhere alone. For example James Baldwin said in the passage that “decide our self whether there is a god in heaven or not”. It means we have to say is that true or not. We don’t have to do what people said us to do. We have to do what we feel right or when you like to do that work. In conclusion, everyone had his or her own point of view of purpose of education. Those are my point of view of purpose of education. All of us want to be something in our life like doctor or other things. People want to make their own decision what is good for them in their life. Most important is all people wants to be independent they don’t want to stay under someone
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