James Baldwin On The Purpose Of Education

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I agree with James Baldwin what he said about the education because, he said look at the world self not by what other people told us and feel the world what you want to be. Also to try fight for education no matter what rick. Education is important things, which is making our dream come true in the future. First, the purpose of education is fight for education no matter what rick because education is what helps you succeed your goals in life. Maybe right now it does not seem like it but in the long run you will appreciate it. Second, the purpose of education is not only structural it’s a personal too, because where who stand in front of the hundred of people and distributed knowledge, they need for see and learn to not process. We need education to reach make our dream come true. For example, if we need to be a nurse or doctors then we need to education without education is not possible. So if we don’t know any things, we are not able to continue to make our dream come true.…show more content…
Every each parents make decision for their children because they think is good for us but sometime we don’t like parent decision. If we are educated and make own decision in life then probably we will not regret because we know what is best for us. Educated people think hundred times before they make some decision in life. It will be good if our parents are educated. In conclusion, overall I though have own point of view of the purpose of education. Each person wants to be a something in his or her life like a nurse or doctor things. They want to make own decision in their life what is good for then. People want to be a independent they don’t want to stay under someone
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