James Barddock: A True Story

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TITLE AND AUTHOR: This is a true story. James Barddock is famous boxer who knows Cindrella Man. This story tells about James Barddock 's real life and their families difficulties ,and this is filmed by Ron Howard.Cindrella Man 's stars are Russel Crowe and Renee Zewelleger.Marc Cerasini write this book from the movie. Cliff Hollingsworth writes this book .In 1994 he spoke James J.Braddock 's son ,so far everyone forget James J.Braddock and he decided to write famous boxer life.
SUMMARY: James Barddock is succesful and famous boxer in Newyork.He married with Mae Theresa Fox.They have three children.Their names are Rosy,Jay and Howard.Rosy is six years old.Jay is ten years old, and Howard is eight years old.They proud of their father.Mae
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James is very calm and succesful boxer so every person loves him, and they call Cindrella Man,because he is helpful and humanistic such as Cındrella.First,he has difficult life but he copes with difficulties.In the end his life is being wonderful.
Then the match day comes.Ring is very crowded.Every person watch carefuly in this match.Barddock and Baer fight to win the match.This match has 15 raund.Finally James.J.Barddock wins the match and he becomes heavy weight champion of the world,and their life are happy all time.
CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: My favorite character is James J.Barddock.He is very succesful man. He is calm and fightful.
* James J.Barddock is tall and handsome man.He is fit and succesful boxer.
*Mae Theresa Fox is wife 's of James J.Barddock.She has short black hair.She is strong women and she loves her husband very much.She supports her husband.
*Rosy,Howard,Jay are Barddock 's children.
*Joe Gould is manager of James J.Barddock .He is short ,and supports James.
*Mike Wilson is James 's worker friend.He is married with
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*James and Mike work together in Newark Docks.Mike proud of James.They get along well.
*James Braddock and Joe Gould get along well ,but one day they separate because federation manager takes away his boxing licence .
*James Braddock teaches us you always think that you will be succesful.
SETTING DESCRIPTION: The story takes place in Newyork City in 1920.It tells riches in Newyork.Then we see changes of New York in 1928 between 1933.
There are some settings in this story.Firstly,James Braddock 's house ,Madison Square Garden is where play boxing match .Then Neward Docks is where Mike and James working place.
The story mood is dramatic.
THEME DISCUSSION : The story main idea is you do not give up your aim although there are many difficulties.
MY OPINION: Cinderella Man is very impressive and worthful book for me.Because this book tells to reach aim very good.This book is recommended other people by me.If someone read this book,they can learn do not give up their
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