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Although there are many famous Arkansans, James Black has left a vital mark in the history of Arkansas. James Black was born May 1, 1800, in New Jersey(Lu Waters). The names of James Black’s parents are unknown (Lu Waters). James mother died when he was young, and his father remarried (Joshua Williams). James did not get along well with his stepmother and ran away from home at the age of eight to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While in Philadelphia, he was taken in as an apprentice to a silverplater named Stephen Henderson. During that time, he became strongly skilled in the art of silverplating. In 1818, when he was eighteen years old, his apprenticeship expired (Joshua Williams). After completing his apprenticeship, James went to the new territories…show more content…
He set up a dam on a portion of the river and established a grist mill along with a blacksmith shop. James and Gilbert Clark also settled in the same vicinity with him and set up a salt works. Not long after they were settled, the U.S. government declared that the land they settled was part of Indian Territory and not in the territory of Arkansas. James, the Clark brothers, and other settlers had to move to other lands. James decided to move back to Washington(Joshua Williams). James didn't forget about Anne Shaw, and on June 29, 1828, they were married at the Hempstead County Courthouse in Washington without the consent of William Shaw. They were married for seven years and had five children. James opened his own blacksmith shop and prospered, becoming well known for the quality of his knives and his use of silver plating. In late 1831, James claimed to have made a knife for Jim Bowie. An article in the Washington Telegraph on December 8, 1841, attributed the forging of the Bowie knife(Joshua Williams). James Black died on June 22,in washington. In conclusion I hope you enjoyed my essay as much as i have telling you about
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