James Bond Gender Roles

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“The name is Bond. James Bond” There is no man who is not familiar with the popular phrase used by MI6 agent 007 James Bond, which became somewhat his signature. James Bond is tremendous character of Ian Fleming book series and protagonist of spy novels. He seems attractive to both sides of audience: women want him and men want to be him. Although, there were different transformations of Bond’s appearance in the movies, the main attitude towards gender roles, women inferiority and men masculinity remains the same in the mass media.
To begin with, James Bond is main character of series of the novels, films, comics and video games. He has certain tastes, style and abilities, besides, his appearance is always shown as fit, sexy, blue or grey
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That is to say that gender refers to cultural definitions given to physical and biological differences and people perform roles established by society. Goffman refers to media as ‘commercial realism’. As a matter of fact, mass media tries to represent environment the way it could be and has an influence on people subconscious. For instance, in Casino Royale women are shown inferior, emotionally vulnerable, and helpless. At the time when Bond meets Solange Dimitrios, the wife of one of the villains, she appears in sexy dresses, with makeup and sexy Latino accent, which is very seductive. According to Deborah Tannen, there are no unmarked women. If woman wears something tight or revealing she considered as wanting to be attractive or availability, but if her clothing is not sexy it means that they could be, while there are no unmarked men. (Deborah Tannen, 2010). Besides, it can be seen in the movie that women were used and did not even taken seriously. After fulfilling his needs, Bond left Solage deceiving her by ordering beverage. When he comes back he learns that she was tortured and killed. Moreover, these subliminal messages may cause such problems as violence against women in accordance with Katz in video ‘A Violence against Women it is a Men’s Issue’ (Katz 2012). In contrast, Vesper is demonstrated as smart, ambitious and beautiful at the same time. In Casino Royale movie Vesper is shown integral and tough, while was degrading in novel by Ian Fleming, when Bond has his infamous line upon her death - “the bitch is dead now”. Thus showing his anger, that woman he loved ultimately ends up as double agent, disturbance that gender roles have reversed and he has been used as a pawn in a larger game, while in the movie it is shown that he tries to save her till the end, showing that there is human
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