James Bond Gender Stereotypes

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Gender stereotypes are very common among today’s society. In modern society, a recurring gender stereotype is that men are expected to be tough, aggressive, dominant, and self-confident. This gender stereotype started because of traditional gender roles. Despite the fact that this gender role is no longer necessary for men, society still expects men to follow these roles. However, this is pernicious for the reason that, if men don’t follow this role, they will be looked down upon. Notwithstanding the fact that the stereotype indicates men should be tough, aggressive, dominant, and self-confident is often depicted in the media, men do not actually need to follow these gender stereotypes.
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Aside from the main character, James Bond, being very dominant, he is also very masculine. Even though this stereotype is often portrayed in media, this view is incorrect since these characteristics are nearly impossible. “007 maximizes the inherent duality of gender by capturing masculinity and realizing it in its purest form. While it is impossible to be him, he still represents the ideal, and perhaps that is why he speaks to both genders. Bond embodies a set of specific attributes that are associated with masculinity and with being a man” (Ceccoli, 1)One of the justifications that this belief is incorrect is that this idea of masculinity is impossible. After analyzing this quote, it can be concluded that it is impossible to be like him, because he represents the purest form of masculinity. After analyzing the evidence provided, it can be concluded that, because it is impossible to be like him, this is a spurious…show more content…
Summarize Main Points One example of this would be that, although the Old Spice commercials portray men in a certain way, this is absolutely untrue. Another case would be when, in the James Bond movies, the protagonist is portrayed as impossibly masculine, which further proves that this type of masculinity is false. One reason why this stereotype is harmful to society is because it causes men that don’t have these characteristics to be mislabeled by society. Even though society will always have it’s beliefs, learning the truth about these beliefs would greatly benefit all

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