James Broussard Reagan Champion Of America

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James Broussard’s Ronald Reagan: Champion of Conservative America gives a concise biography about the Ronald Reagan’s actions and views towards the issues shaping America during the time period. Broussard produces a picture of Reagan in this insightful narrative by including details from his childhood, his acting career, and his concerns with American politics. I found this book to be an entertaining interpretation of Ronald Reagan’s political career. Reagan had a difficult childhood. He and his family moved from town to town because of his father’s inability to keep a job due to his alcoholism. “Dutch” Reagan “was a very private person from childhood on” (Broussard 8). His interests growing up included reading and acting. He spent his time…show more content…
Reagan had the tendency to focus only on the “big issues” while the members of his Cabinet handled other matters. I found it intriguing that Reagan spent his presidency practicing a “hands-off management style” (Broussard 111). Reagan would make an executive decision on a matter, while others would put in work gathering information and coming up with policy alternatives. Broussard points out that Reagan’s concern while in office was inflation and “although he did not actually slay the beast…he left it weaker, wounded and far less dangerous” (Broussard 125). However, he also notes that battling inflation resulted in a serious recession and “the worst economic downturn…since the Great Depression of the 1930s” (Broussard 125). The last chapter of the book, “Ronald Reagan’s Legacy”, praises Reagan’s strides as President and validates his title as “the Great American Conservative champion” (179). While it is the shortest chapter of the book, it accurately accentuates the highlights of Reagan’s presidency. Some of his accomplishments included the reversal of the rising federal spending and ending the Cold War. Overall, this book was an accurate take on Reagan’s legacy and
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