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What parallels did you observe in the upbringing of James Brown and other pop stars?
Like many other pop stars James Brown was brought up in poverty. However, like many other stars, his talent shone through his poor background and he managed to overcome many obstacles to ultimately become the renowned artist he is known as today. Some of the obstacles he faced growing up were his mother leaving him and his father out of frustration of their poverty when he was four, spending time in jail multiple times due to theft and aggression, the death of his eldest son, the death of his father, and the death of his wife. Like many other pop stars, he overcame the obstacles in his journey and always managed to persevere no matter the odds.

Did James Brown stick to a specific genre
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However, he is considered to be the godfather of soul and the king of rhythm and blues. He is also credited to be the progenitor of funk, hard R&B, rap, and soul.

Would he have been more or less successful if he did?
I feel that his strategy in ceasing his career was effective. By being versatile and creative with his music he managed to drop hit after hit and remain fresh with his art. He kept his fans on the edge of their seat in wait for new music. Due to his entertaining and charismatic vibe, he consistently made it to not only the top of the charts but also his fans hearts.

What are your thoughts on James Brown as an artist and pop music icon?
I feel that James Brown has most definitely earned his place as a pop music icon. He not only managed to become a hit with his music but also by being active in his community. He did this my dropping the song “Don’t Be A Dropout” to encourage kids to stay in school and get their education. He referred to himself and made sure the community knew that he regretted dropping out. He also bought his own food chains and was successful with his menu of favorite soul foods. He was also known to drive a very hard bargain

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