James Buchanan As The Cause Of The Civil War

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James Buchanan our 15th president claims to be the cause of the Civil War The first “gay” president and the worst president. The beginning of his political career was around the age of 23, when he became a member of the Federalist Party to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, where he served five terms. When Jackson was president, he offered to Buchanan that he should be his messenger to Russia. Finally, he became president. As president, he was lazy, unchanging, and down right reticent. He said he doesn't have to solve anything, the people must, yet he vetoed almost every single item. On the Dredd’s Scott Case, declaring that the government had no right to exclude slavery from states, and as such the Missouri Compromise, also which was unconstitutional. JAmes Buchanan had to call friends, saying that they should allow slavery. …show more content…

Jackson called this King Buchanan’s “better half” and “wife”. This man was born on April 23, 1791, Cove Gap, PA. He died at the age of 78 because of Respiratory Insufficiency. He was president for a term, losing his second term from Abraham

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