James Bulger

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leaving full time education (13). Therefore, this legislation is considered very low in comparison. Experts support this belief stating that at the age of 10 parts of the brain connected with decision-making and judgement are still developing through advances in neuroscience. The brain continues to develop during adolescent years and isn’t fully mature until at least the age of 20 (14). This can have implications on how adolescent individuals and children behave. This is supported by cases such as the James Bulger case. Many argue that the age should be increased due to the mistreatment and placement within an adult court of the killers. It has been analysed that in a civilised society should recognise that children who commit offenses require…show more content…
Between 1999 and 2009 more than 60% of crimes committed by children have resulted in cautioned being applied which eventually are wiped from the child’s record. Half of offences committed by children are committed by those aged 15 or under. 1 The ministry of justice state that they do not intend to raise the age of criminal responsibility because it ‘isn’t in the interests of justice, of victims or the young people themselves’ they claim that under 18’s are handled differently and that only 3% of young offenders receive a custodial sentence. The current youth justice system is failing. Research translated that reoffending rates are as high as 72 per cent for children released from custody. Therefore, it could be concluded that the issue is improving the justice system rather than changing the age of criminal responsibility. If the correct changes are made then it could encourage reoffending rates to plummet therefore the age of criminal responsibility would not be required to change. In
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