James Burr V. Allred's Life And Accomplishments

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James Burr V. Allred was born on march 29 1899 in Bowie, Texas. Burr and V were the names of his uncles and he was known as Vee until he was older. His father was Renne and mother was Mary (Henson) Allred. James completed high school from Bowie high school in 1917 then enrolled into rice institute (university) but unfortunately had to drop out because of financial issues. After stopping college he served with the United States Immigration Service until his enlistment in the United States Navy during world war 1. After the war Allred studied law as a clerk in a Wichita Falls law office. In 1921 he received an LL.B. from Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee, and created his own practice in Wichita Falls.
In 1923 he was named by Governor pat Neff to become a district attorney for the Thirtieth Texas District. In that office Allred earned a reputation as "the fighting district attorney" for his direct opposition to the Ku Klux Klan and opposition to prohibition. He was a candidate for the office of state attorney general in 1926 but lost to Claude Pollard. In 1927 he married Joe Betsy Miller and they had three son’s named James V Jr,
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He resigned from the judgeship in 1942 to seek the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate, and after his defeat in that race by former governor W. Lee O'Daniel he returned for a time to private law practice in Houston. Senator O'Daniel opposed Allred's appointment to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in 1943. In 1949 President Harry S. Truman returned Allred to the federal bench, where he remained until his death.
Allred married Joe Betsy Miller of Wichita Falls on June 20, 1927; they had three sons. He died on September 24, 1959, and was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Wichita Falls. Mrs. Allred died in
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