James Choke Chapter Summary

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What happens in the book - The book is about a boy named James Choke. James gets teased at school because his mum is enormous. One day a girl called Samantha Jennings teases James so much he gets up in the middle of class and grabs Samantha he then pushes her against the wall and when she turns around James sees blood dripping down her face. James makes a rushed decision and runs from the school knocking down his teacher in the process. The same night James’s mother dies because she drinks alcohol whilst she is being treated with antibiotics. James is now an orphan as he does not know his Father. James’s little sister Lauren has a father but he is very mean to her. James and Lauren are both taken to a care home. The next morning Lauren is told she is going to live with her father but he does not want James.…show more content…
Once James has been at the care home for four days he is kidnapped and taken to a secret location. He discovers that he has been taken to a camp called CHERUB where children are taught to be spies and go on missions but to get on James will have to pass a series of tests. Will James get in to CHERUB... read on in the book to find out? What I thought of the book - I thought the book was very time consuming but once you started it you did not want to put it down. I liked all the different characters and their personalities. I also like the fact that it was children who were the spies and not adults and like the Sunday Express quote in every book I did find it punchy, exciting, and glamorous and I completely wished it was true. About the book - The Recruit is one of 12 (nearly 13) books in the cherub series. The main characters in the book are James Choke (later known as James Adams), Kyle (James’s friend in the care home and a Cherub agent), Kerry (James’s girlfriend at Cherub) and Lauren (James’s little
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