James Collier's Anxiety: Challenge By Another Name

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In James Collier story Anxiety: Challenge by Another Name he got the chance of a lifetime to go to Argentina for the summer and work on his friend’s dad’s cattle farm. He denied the trip and learned later from him and his guest that they had a great time. That is when he developed the first rule “do what makes you anxious, don’t do what makes you depressed. So, he has gotten pass the trip and now it is time for him to graduate and his teacher is pushing him to apply to graduate school, but he has other plans in mind. His gut is telling him become a writer but his teacher saying something else. So, he followed is gut and pursed writing. He began his career as a writer but had to start at the bottom. He would get nervous, when he had to interview people.…show more content…
He came to realize that he didn’t need to be scared. So he came up with this rule “you’ll never eliminate anxiety by avoiding the things that caused it. A few years later get offered a writing assignment, but it is in Europe and he don’t know the language or his way around the continent. So, he thought about it for a while and came to conclusion that he should go. With that mind set he came up with this rule” you can’t learn if you don’t try” .That rule encouraged him to do more daring thing like other assignment in more foreign countries, parachute jumps, ski, flown up the Rhine etc. He learned that he wasn’t going to let butterflies get in the way of enjoying his life. From the rules he made, I have learned that I can’t let test anxiety stop me from reaching my true

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