James D. Halderman Analysis

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James D. Halderman in “Automotive Technology:Principles, Diagnosis, and Service Fifth Edition” In chapter 57 explains that many vehicles have several warning lamps which tend to be confusing to a vast majority of the drivers. Halderman also states that the max majority of vehicles are being sold throughout the world and instead of using symbols to represent warning they are using words known as “Telltale Lights” to inform to the driver if the vehicle computers detect a problem in the system. Halderman also writes some of the warning lights are to help the owner of the vehicle to remember to do basics tune up such as oil and oil filter, tire rotation and inspections. Halderman also explains that some cars are equipped with safety - related…show more content…
For example some of this options might be the Head-Up Display known as (HUD). Also a night vision camera might be another option you could obtain in you car if offered by the dealer. The HUD is basicly a speedometer with a push of a button you will have the speed digitally in your front windshield. I see the benefit of having it since know you wouldn 't have to remove your eyes from the road and be able to see that speed you 're traveling. However I see a disadvantaged as Carillo pointed out in class. As many driver who are new to the HUD tend to focus more in the mph at first until they get used to it. However the risks are high to be involved in an accident before getting used to have the HUD on. Also The Night vision is a future that some vehicle offered to the buyer. Which I gotta say sounds like an amazing future to be able to have in the vehicle. Since Halderman explains that the camera uses heat to display the shape to the driver. Which Carillo in class explained that having a Night Camera is almost as driving in the day. Also Carillo illustrated that with a night camera you could see an object approaching way faster than not having a night camera. I have to admit is something I will really want to have in my vehicle if
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