James Dashner's The Maze Runner

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The Maze Runner is the first book in the dystopian trilogy written by James Dashner. The book is about a boy that wakes up in a elevator with out any memory of what happened to him. The only thing he knows is his name which is Thomas. When he enters the glades there is a bunch of other boys with no memory of how they got there either. The glade was ran by Alby and Newt who make up all the rules and keep the boys busy by getting them food and supplies. Surrounding the boys is a huge wall which they call it the maze. Inside the maze there are these terrifying things called Grievers. They have to remain inside until they can figure out the maze to find their way out. They have certain people going inside the maze because some know the…show more content…
The people that go inside the maze are called "runners". The main runners name is Minho The thing with the maze is that the walls to the maze shut and open at a certain time everyday . A day after Thomas arrived a girl gets put in the glades. All the boys were scared, confused and worried. When she get there she is mumbling strange words and goes into a coma. But the girls arrival sets off bad vibes because everything changes. Because the supplies stop coming, the sun goes away and the doors to the glade stay open at night to the maze. With the maze being open it allows the Grievers to get to everybody. Thomas came up with an idea that maybe it wasn't the maze moving, that maybe it was actually a code. When the girl Teresa wakes up she tells Thomas that thy know each other in the process of trying to figure out the maze Thomas tries his hardest to get his memory back. In the process of trying to get his memory back he gets stung by a Grievers. Getting stung by the Griever he discovers that the Griver hole is a exit. Also the the maze has been spelling out their way to escape. So a group of them decided to make a run for it to the Griever hole. They get passed the hole to discover that they have all been an experiment
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