James Dean Monologue

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James 'Jamie ' Dean

The old dark blue mini ban pulled to a halt as the barrier started falling down. He glanced at his wrist watch and turned his eyes to the left, expecting to see the eight o 'clock train approaching. And just on time he saw it appearing from the small turn. He closed his eyes and sighed as the train rushed before him, wagons after wagons after wagons. Sometimes he felt as if time stopped in this small town. Like right now... And like every other evening that he headed to work in the club. This train was his reminder that every now and then he could pause and take a deep breath. Oddly enough he would have hated this years ago, but now... now those moments were precious ones - peaceful, quiet, just perfect.

He opened his
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It had been quite the shock for everyone in the little town when he had returned after his sister 's death to take care of her babies. He had been the pride of the town, having made it all the way to AAA minor league - played for New Orleans Zephyrs for two whole years before he blew his shoulder, but after that he had become a nobody. A loser. For a while drinking, partying, and hooking up with random guys had been his life. At some point he got to work as a truck driver, but he had given up on that after half an year. And his life had turned into one fail after the other... Until his sister 's accident and her death... It had been like waking call for him. Or more like an ice-bucket being thrown in his face.

He had come back. He had learned to ignore everyone 's comments about what a loser he was. He had managed to turn his life around and had become a responsible guardian to his sister 's kids. Three years later, the now 7-year-old Jessica and the 4-year-old Johnny were the meaning of his life. He had never thought that he could love those two little kids so much, but here he was now working two jobs to make a living for them. It wasn 't easy, if he had to be honest, but he did think it was
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"Hey, Liam." He nodded at him as he moved to his locker, pulling his shirt off to put on the uniform 's tight black t-shirt. He left his keys and wallet in the locker, but he did leave his 7-year-old Blackberry in his back pocket, just in case of an emergency.

It wasn 't long before he was behind the bar, starting to serve drinks to people as they came. It was the usual crowd really. Most people knew him by name, so he tried to be polite and greet them all with smiles. It wasn 't until that man walked in and came to sit at the bar. For some reason he found himself staring at him. It wasn 't the tattoos or the fashionable haircut that made him so intriguing, but something about him was just... new... interesting... exciting.

"Right away." He snapped back to reality when the man asked for a Stella. He popped one open, quickly took a nicely frozen glass and placed both in front of him. "Would you like anything else?" He asked, smiling at the man as he leaned a little on the bar. He knew that it wasn 't very wise to be too friendly with strangers. Especially if those strangers were men. He had already got punched a few times for daring to be too friendly with other guys, but right now he just couldn 't stop but smile at that man and
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