James Dickey's The White Sea

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The book that I have read is The the White Sea, written by award-winning and best-selling author, James Dickey. This book was published in the year of 1993 by Delta. It is a fiction novel based on World War II. James Dickey was an American Novelist. He was born on February 2, 1923 and died on January 19, 1997. In 1966, Dickey held the title as the United States Poet Laureate for the Library of Congress. He served in the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II. He also attended Vanderbilt University, receiving a degree in English and philosophy. Dickey worked in teaching and advertising before eventually becoming a writer. His first publication was in 1960. He was married twice. Once in 1948 to Maxine, and then again in 1976 to Deborah. He has three children: Christopher, Kevin, and Bronwen.…show more content…
Muldrow is an American airforce rear gunner. He was being carried in a B-29 bomber over Tokyo when he was shot down. He was forced to parachute from the burning bomber. Muldrow was the only survivor of his crew and he had landed in enemy territory. It was a chaotic scene, but he was determined to make it through to where he needed to be. He began to travel North towards the island of Hokkaido. The walk time distance would be 172 straight, with no breaks. That is over 7 days worth all walking. Muldrow was alone with no transportation, except for his own 2
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