James Douglas Argumentative Essay

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The purpose of this report is for me to analyze these 3 case studies of Douglas’ recent actions and to decide if they are grounds for hesitation in knighting this governor, James Douglas. My stance on this matter, after consideration, is that these incidents bring up several concerns, and I do not believe we should move forward and knight the man. Firstly, James Douglas has done a lot of good for a many people in his various positions of power. While investigating the murder of Peter Brown, he successfully restrained all the men from injuring or killing anyone, and, due to the Cowichan people being the “most numerous and warlike of the Native Tribes in Vancouver’s Island”, referred to this exchange as an “epoch in the history of our Indian…show more content…
The hanging of Tathlasut was an extreme, and could be considered a misstep, as Thomas Williams was only shot and didn’t die. This made the hanging unheard of, severe and out of practice in the way of the Crown, because a death penalty was never used “unless life had actually be taken”. Though Douglas often believed that he was doing very peaceful and non-threatening negotiations, the people he dealt with didn’t always agree that this was clearly conveyed. “The threat of total annihilation backed by an incredible array of fire-power achieved Douglas’ aim.” The treaties he earlier created are often scrutinized as they offer very little compensation on the Native’s side of the deal. Blankets in exchange of the loss of their right of land forever doesn’t seem very fair. This kind of thing (in addition to the enormous influx of immigrants who began to take gold and other resources), was likely the main source of the Native’s anger and what provoked situations like the murder of Peter Brown and the shooting of Thomas Williams. Overall, I believe that Douglas falls shy of being a man worthy of becoming a knight. His leadership skills did often prove to be successful and he did learn from his own and other’s mistakes. The intentions of most of his actions were often pure and good-hearted, but he would typically take the route that most benefited himself. Douglas will surely be remembered in history, but I don’t believe he needs
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