James E Lewis Museum

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The James E. Lewis Museum of Art is a permanent exhibit, located at Morgan State University. James E. Lewis created the gallery of art at Morgan State University in 1951. The James E. Lewis Museum is known for being the first institution to promote African American artists in Maryland and also serve as a showcase for these artists. The museum contains a lot of different cultural artworks from the continent of Africa, Europe and North America. The museum is full of intriguing artwork that needs to be seen by Morgan State’s students. Many of the artwork collections in the museum are from tribal cultures found in Africa.
The exhibit was full of cultural artwork, sculptures and photograph collection of different cultures and countries. One part
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This clothing was made by Januwa Moja. This Medicine Shirt was created to be a prayer and with the intention of the shirt bringing healing and consciousness to the younger generation. The Medicine Shirt was mentioned to have been inspired by the powerful “Ghost Dance” shirts of the Native American Indian. This artwork was very fascinating because when the Medicine shirt is worn, people believe that they would be invincible to the bullets of their enemy. The Size of this clothing is 25” x42”. The medicine shirt looked like a gown dress. The medicine shirt had many different pictures of people’s face on it. The pictures have different babies face, and also young and old faces. The pictures on the medicine shirt had smiley and mean facial expression of people’s faces. The pictures were placed underneath many different broken glasses. The broken glasses were placed all over the chest area of the body and also on both shoulders. Right beside the left and right armpit area is a about fifteen long string of cloth in black colors. The broken glasses had different shapes and sizes and they were transparent. The broken glasses had green, white, and light colors. The Medicine shirt looked like a transparent shirt. The shirt main colors were brown and black. The shirt had a black and red feather placed on the it. The feathers looked like a bird or chicken feathers. There is also a ring glued to the medicine shirt. The clothing looked like it had a bit of a rough
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